This page is dedicated to identifying and recognizing sexual predators.

Human Predators

It's not just the deviant hypnotist that preys on innocent women. There are many other notable professions that historically bully and exploit women for sex.

A human predator is someone who preys on other human beings for their own personal gratification, whether it be for money, sex, or even just personal control. Many predators are either sociopathic or psychopathic in their behavior.

It should come as no surprise that the professions that have abused women the most are those that exhibit power or influence over the victim in an authoritarian way. Sadly enough, women have more of a chance of being raped by someone such as this than they do from the random attack by a stranger in a dark alley.

Sexual Assault by Profession (In no particular order)
Women Are Sexually Assaulted More by These Professionals

Many predators are true psychopaths, because they have no care whatsoever for their victims.

Sexual Offender Behavior  (YouTube)

Russell Strand gives an impassioned talk on spotting the sexual predator that hides amongst us, in plain sight.  (YouTube)


Phony Site Helps FBI Bust Predators in Sex Slave Sting  (YouTube)

Kidnapped young women for sale on the dark web. Michelle Sigona has our story on the FBI sting.
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Sexual Predators

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A Sex Oriented Media System Has Created a Pervasive Culture of Sex That Drives Predators

Rape Culture USA  (YouTube)

The number of women who have been raped in the United States is huge, and many argue that 'rape culture' is the reason so many get away with it, but what is Rape Culture, and how does it contribute to these statistics?

Sex Messages in the Media  (YouTube)

Today's media driven society is very much centered around sex. What has made this worse is the fact that young kids are now being exposed to sexual images and content at a much earlier age.

Media Influence

Rape Culture Is Real (Time)

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Predators of wealth, celebrity, or a position of authority over their victim are often the case for assault.

Hollywood Speaks Out Against Sexual Harassment  (YouTube)

After allegations against Harvey Weinstein have come to light Hollywood is speaking out against sexual harassment and assault. Men and women are sharing their stories with the hashtag #metoo.  


Hollywood's Greatest Betrayal   (YouTube)

This is the story of how Hollywood's unique power structure enabled sexual harassment to remain as the entertainment industry's greatest open secret for decades.

(The Washington Post)

Powerful Predators

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Medical abuse is rampant. Patients are sexually assaulted more than most would suspect.

Doctors & Sex Abuse: Sexually Abused in Doctor’s Office  (YouTube)

Description: Tara Batrice went to the police after she was sexually assaulted by her doctor. Before the day was over, he was in handcuffs. Her case is different than many patients’.
(Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Physician Sexual Abuse  (YouTube)

The Doctors are joined by Women’s Health Magazine editor-in-chief Amy Keller Laird to discuss patients who have been sexually abused by their physicians…some while under anesthesia.  
(The Doctors)

Medical Assault

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State Boards, Regulators Paralyzed on Physician Sex Assaults

Victims of Sex Assault by Doctors Push for 'Real Change' by State Boards

Sexual Crimes by Psychiatrists 37 Times Greater than Rapes in Community

Sexual Abuse Epidemic in Mental Health: Psychiatrists Raping Women and Molesting Children

Psychologists, Psychiatrists & Psychotherapists: A review of more than 800 convictions of psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists between 1998 and 2005 revealed that more than 30% were for sex crimes.

Studies in numerous countries reveal that between 10% and 25% of psychiatrists and psychologists admit to sexually abusing their patients.

Sexual assault in the military and the workplace; preying on subordinates or those of lesser authority.

How Bad is Sexual Abuse in the U.S. Military?  (YouTube)

The number of prosecutions in the military for sexual abuse is almost non-existent. Some statistics say only 3-percent of cases ever get prosecuted.

Knowing Your Rights: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace  (YouTube)

Dozens of powerful men have been accused of sexual harassment. Allison West joins the crew of 'CBS This Morning' to discuss the different types of workplace harassment.
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Sexual Assault in the Military

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Sexual Assault at Work

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Women four times more likely to experience sexual assault at work

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Research Shows Reports of Rape Are Often Murky, But Rarely False

On Capitol Hill, the predators have created their own set of rules for sexual assault justice.

New Move Aims to Tackle Sexual Harassment in Congress  (YouTube)

Legislation was proposed to require training and reform the process for filing complaints.

How Congress Can Combat Sexual Harassment  (YouTube)

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., joined current and former female members of Congress on "This Week" the wave of sexual harassment allegations hitting Capitol Hill and what can be done.


Political Predators

Capitol Hill has a sexual harassment problem

Capitol Hill consumed by sexual harassment issue

On Capitol Hill, few name names on sexual harassment

Congresswoman to Colleagues: Some of You Are Known Pervs

Understanding the Sexual Assault Allegations that Rock Capitol Hill 

Former Capitol Hill Staffers Call Out Congress’ Inaction On Sexual Abuse

Lawmakers: We don't know how widespread sexual harassment is on the Hill

Harassment is 'An Open Secret' on Capitol Hill, Former Staffers Say  (YouTube)

A Taxonomy of Capitol Hill Predators

Capitol Hill's Sexual-Harassment Problem

In state capitols, women see rampant sexual harassment

Women open up about sexual harassment on Capitol Hill  (YouTube)

Who Has More Sex Offenders? Republicans or Democrats? (Both are bad)

Why Liberals and Conservatives Act Differently About Sexual Predators

Female lawmakers call on congressional leaders to address sexual harassment on Capitol Hill

Women share graphic sexual harassment stories on Capitol Hill as Congress considers changes

The worst of all are the people who are tasked to prevent rape, yet they sexually assault others.

Officer Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman He Pulled Over  (YouTube)

Oklahoma City Police Detective Kim Davis interrogated Daniel Holtzclaw about the incident involving a woman he pulled over. Jannie Ligons says Daniel Holtzclaw forced her to commit a sex act on him as he stood by open rear door of his patrol car.

Maryland Cop Charged With Raping Woman At Traffic Stop   (YouTube)

Authorities say it may not be Officer Ryan Macklin’s first crime, and they are looking for other victims to come forward. Macklin has been suspended, and stripped of his gun and badge.


Police Predators

When Police Officers Rape

Why Cops Get Away With Rape

Close the Police Rape Loophole  

Policewoman Allegedly Raped By Fellow Cop

Police Officer Charged With Aggravated Rape of a Child

Sexual Victimization By a Member of Law Enforcement 

Victims Describe Assaults by Convicted Ex-Oklahoma City Cop

Officers Who Rape: The Police Brutality That Chiefs Ignore

Court Cop sexually assaults woman then arrests her for protesting   (YouTube)

She Dialed 911. The Cop Who Came to Help Raped Her

Two US Students 'Raped by Italian Police Officers' in Florence

Canadian Tourist Rape: Paris Policemen Jailed for Seven Years

An 18-Year-Old Said She Was Raped While In Police Custody. The Officers Say She Consented.

Police Officers in the US Were Charged With More Than 400 Rapes Over a 9-Year Period

Woman Had to Film Herself Being Raped By a Cop So Police Would Believe Her Story

NYPD detectives accused of raping teen in police van have resigned, department says

Prince George's County police officer arrested and charged with rape during a traffic stop    (YouTube)

The harshest sentences of all should be given for the egregious, repeat sex offender.

Rape & Punishment: Should Rapists be Castrated?  (YouTube)

As India endures an increased number of sex crimes, the debate rages over whether or not castration is a viable possible punishment to effectively deter offenders from committing such heinous crimes.

Should Sex Offenders Be Castrated?  (YouTube)

RT News tackles the issue of whether or not chemical castration for sexual assault is a reasonable solution or punishment.


Punishment for Repeat Predators

Lawmaker Introduces Sex Offender Castration Bill

Should We Be Castrating Sex Offenders?

Does Castration Stop Sex Crimes?

Castrated Rapist Tied to 75 New Sex Crimes

Why Are Rapists and Sexual Predators Hated in Prison? 

The Impact of Surgical Castration on Sexual Recidivism Risk Among SexuallyViolent Predatory Offenders (PDF)

Peru First Step Towards Chemical Castration of Pedophile Rapists  YouTube

Australia: Microchip Implants, Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders  YouTube

Rape Sentence Choice: Surgical Castration or 30 Years (NY Times Archives)

Conservatives Call for Chemical Castration for Repeat Sex Offenders  YouTube

Surgical castration should be the next step for the worst sexual offenders.

Predators come in all forms and varieties and exploit people in many ways, not just for sex.

There are other devious, unscrupulous predators in this world as well, people with no care whatsoever for exploiting another human being. These people are the parasites of society, because their existence is all about living off of other life forms.

More Predators

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